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Hospice / Palliative Care

During our hospice care appointments, your family and Dr. Moran will tailor a plan personally for your pet. Our goal is to keep you and your pet as comfortable as possible.

Hospice appointments can be useful in treating/managing a variety of diseases and conditions such as:

  • Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Neurologic Conditions including Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

  • Cancer

  • Any disease that is impacting your pet's quality of life at home

Our hospice appointments includes an extensive exam and reviewing previous medical records with a veterinarian. After getting a thorough history, we can decide the next steps for your pet such as pain/anxiety medication, help getting your pet to eat, fluid therapy at home, or other treatments.  Sometimes after discussion, euthanasia is elected as the next step. In these cases there is no additional visit fee on top of the hospice visit, only a fee if cremation is elected. If additional follow-up exams are needed, the price is $200 per additional visit. You can see our prices here. 

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