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Dr. Allie Moran (I tell everyone to just call me Allie) grew up in Western Washington where I cultivated my love of animals and my passion to become a veterinarian. I attended Washington State University where I met my husband and received my BS in Zoology.  I continued on at WSU for veterinary school. Even in school I took a particular interest in end-of-life and oncology care. While working as an intern in the oncology service, I saw first hand how amazing and powerful good end-of-life care can be. 

Once I graduated, I worked as a general practitioner in the Western Washington area. I performed in-home euthanasia services for my clients and was drawn to how personal and calming in-home care can be for pets. I loved seeing pets in their own element- whether that be their favorite bed, their owners lap, their yard, or even their favorite beach or park. Although we were saying goodbye, I felt like I got to connect to owners and pets in a more personal way than at the clinic. 

After several years in general practice, my husband and I decided to start Pawprints because we want to help more people have the opportunity to experience in-home end-of-life care on their terms. Our goal is to make end-of-life-care as easy and stress-free as possible for everyone. Every decision we make as a business- whether it be online booking, easy texting, ability to talk with me at anytime, inclusive pricing- we make in order to streamline and simplify the process as much as possible. 

We have brought on my sister-in-law Sydney to help with the day-to-day operations. We are truly a family-run business (as you may know if you have heard my kids in the background as we talk) and we pride ourselves on treating our clients and their pets as if they were part of ours. Everyday I am grateful for all the wonderful pets and pet parents I get to meet. I am honored to have walked so many families through the last moments with their pets. 

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