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Cremation & Aftercare

We offer cremation services after euthanasia appointments as well as standalone in home cremation pickup if your pet has passed away. 

We provide both communal and private cremation services. If we are performing an in home euthanasia, you also have the option to bury at home or in a cemetery. At Pawprints we pride ourselves on offering the most standard urn and memorial products included with every appointment. All aftercare options include a keepsake clay pawprint, ink pawprint, ink noseprint, and hair clipping if desired. Our memorial products and urns are all designed and made by us, we can customize them however you would like. Examples of memorial products can be seen here.

Cremation fees are in addition to the euthanasia appointment fee if part of a euthanasia appointment. All cremation pickups (pet has passed prior to our arrival) will incur an additional travel fee on top of the standard cremation fees. All cremations include us transferring your pet to a local crematorium. If your pet weighs over 40 pounds, we may need your assistance transferring your pet to our vehicle. Please let us know if you are not able to assist; we will do our best to have an assistant present. 

Private Cremation

With private cremation your pet will be cremated individually at a local crematory, and the ashes returned to you. We pride ourselves on offering the most customized urn options. All private cremations include one of our 2 standard urns with a name engraved (up to 25 characters). Additional personalization as well as additional memorial products are also available for an additional fee and are all produced by us.


We offer urn customization including engraved photos, pawprints, noseprints, and additional text. Customization can be selected after booking on our memorial products form. Some examples of memorial products can be seen on the slide show on this page.


All of our prices can be found here. 

We will hand deliver the ashes back to you (at no additional charge) once they are returned from the crematorium (please allow 3-4 weeks).

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Additional Customization Options

Standard Urn Options

Communal Cremation

This is an option for owners who would still like their pet cremated, but do not want the ashes back. The pet will be cremated with other beloved pets and the ashes spread in the Cascade Foothills. Prices can be found here. 

Home/Cemetery Burial

Sometimes performing your own funeral and burying your pet at home or a cemetery is the best choice for your family. When burying at home, you need to be aware of local state ordinances that apply to burying pets on private property. Click here to view the Washington State burial ordinances. 

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